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Carnet de Bord

New book in English : Pearls of Light (nov. 2010)




The book "Pearls of light" is now available in English !






[ 01 décembre 2010 ]

Autumn 2010 : Reading Operation in Brazil

The last autumn, Enfants d'Ailleurs took part into a "reading operation" in Brazil. A Sao Paulo high school helped to organise Operation 'A Child, a Book".

What did this operation consist in ? Each high school student gave a book he/she has loved. These books were handed to the children of the favela Vila Prudente this term, and they have accompanied them in their learning process.

[ 05 janvier 2011 ]

April 2010 : Disaster in Brazil

Owing to the torrential rain, the situation in Brazil - and especially in shanty towns-  has become disastrous. There are many casualties (dead, injured people, people missing under the mudslides.)

We cannot get much information from our families. Indeed the local authorities have told people to stay indoors and many roads are closed.

Once again, the poor and the youngest are the first victims in these areas first because of their high number, and also because of the lack of proper building, road equipment and drainage system. Disaster keeps recurring.

[ 12 avril 2010 ]

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